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fter years of Market research into the South African traveller’s psyche, considering the way people book travel and the speed at which they want it, we realised a niche in the market for discounted travel combined with stellar service. We saw that the South African traveller was paying exorbitant amounts on his travel requirements but was met with lesser value for his/her hard-earned money. So, who is this “we” that we speak of here?

With 150 years of experience in the travel industry, evolved into becoming the market leader in wholesale leisure travel. After further research into the growing dynamics of the South African online travel market, the Travelution Concept was developed. What the Travelution Concept means to you is premium service and increased value that saves you money.

A lifestyle club that welcomes you to a world of travel together with the aid and support of your own Personal Travel Expert. Saving you money on your travels. Making more adventures possible for you and your family, this is what we are all about!

To date, thousands of members are making use of the Travel Club concept for its sheer financial logic. We took it a step further with an online platform that brings technology and customer centricity together. With exclusive packages available to you, we welcome you to the Travelution Tribe.

Come and explore a world with us where you will